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to our website! We are a group of writers, artists and activists who live in and love the Red Hills and Gulf Coastal Lowland bioregions that comprise north Florida and southwest Georgia.

Our region is characterized by a diverse topography and a rich and unique cultural history. But change is headed our way. The same forces that have run roughshod over much of south Florida-unplanned sprawl, and large corporate developments-have set their sights on our lovely coast, long and winding rivers, and rolling hills.

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The Red Hills Writers Project intends to celebrate, preserve, and bring to life some of the defining stories of our region, because we believe these shared oral and written traditions can be important antidotes against unwanted or destructive growth. Stories are how we humans have always specified what is sacred and essential about the land that sustains us, and the wild things that share living space with us. It is story that can move us towards deeper attachment and stewardship of these Red Hills and our Gulf Coastal Plain.

Our inaugural volume, Between Two Rivers: Telling the Stories of Our Place, is an anthology of personal essays by several dozen of the area's best writers and naturalists. The book will be available in school libraries, bookstores, nature centers and art galleries; discussed in reading groups, public forums and classrooms; and circulated among friends.

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In 2004, upon publication, we will partner with a number of local entities, including the Trust for Public Land, Tall Timbers; the Coastal Plains Institute, Greenwood Plantation, Birdsong Nature Center, area libraries, and many others, to offer a series of readings, workshops and discussion groups, and a dance performance that promote a literacy of our home landscape.

We expect that, as a result of this project, thousands of area residents will:

  • gain a heightened understanding of the relationship between the human population of our area, and the natural ecosystems that support us;
  • gain an enhanced understanding of the region's cultural and natural history;
  • be more likely to engage in local historical preservation and ecological conservation efforts.

The Red Hills Writers Project is an initiative of the nonprofit Heart of the Earth.

We cannot create myths from scratch, but we can recover or fashion stories that will help us to see where we are, how others have lived here, how we ourselves should live." - SCOTT RUSSELL SANDERS

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Between Two Rivers is NOW ON SALE!
The book was released August 28, 2004. Click here (525 KB) for a few sample pages and the complete Table of Contents in PDF format.

Or you may click here to purchase your copy on-line!

New Investment Opportunity Available
With the recent generous contribution from the Robert B. Ragland Foundation we have established the new 'Chipola' investment level for those interested in supporting our project. Click here to learn more.

Listen in to learn more!
Listen to the recent report by Bill Dudley of the Florida Humanities Council about our project. Click here to listen.

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The following titles featuring Red Hills writers have recently been published

Waters Less Traveled: Exploring Florida's Big Bend Coast
by Doug Alderson.
With this book, you can vicariously experience one of America's longest and wildest continuous wetlands. Seminole Indians once sought refuge from American soldiers along its shores. Today, visitors find a different kind of refuge, a refuge from a hectic world. In the first comprehensive armchair guide to this region, naturalist and explorer Doug Alderson introduces readers to Florida's frontier past and evolving future. Order from: University of Florida Press.

Also, don't miss Voices of the Apalachicola
a new book by Red Hills writer Faith Eidse.
In this fascinating set of oral histories, one of the main resources of water not only for Florida, but also Alabama and Georgia--the threatened Apalachicola River system--is brought to life through stories of the people who live along its banks. Order from: University of Florida Press.

Elemental South:An Anthology of Southern Nature Writing
(Dorinda Dallmeyer, editor)
A gathering of works by some of the region's best nature writers--people who can coax from words the mysteries of our place in the landscape and the human relationship to wildness. Includes new essays by Janisse Ray and Susan Cerulean
order from UGA Press

Where We Stand: Voices of Southern Dissent
(Anthony Dunbar, editor)
Timely and provocative collection of essays from twelve leading Southerners, including Janisse Ray, addressing issues of human rights, democracy and social and environmental justice.
order from Amazon

Dream State: Eight Generations of Swamp Lawyers, Conquistadors, Confederate Daughters, Banana Republicans, and Other Florida Wildlife
by Diane K. Roberts
Part family memoir, part political commentary, part apologia, Dream State is all Floridian, telling the grand and sometimes crazy story of the twenty-seventh state through the eyes of one of its native daughters. order from Amazon

Priceless Florida: Natural Systems and Native Species
by Ellie Whitney, D. Bruce Means, and Anne Rudloe.
This gorgeous book presents the incomparable riches of every kind of natural Florida ecosystem in a way that will appeal to young and old, laypersons and scientists. Learn more from

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