We are pleased to announce the inaugural publication of the Red Hills Writers Project:
Between Two Rivers: Stories from the Red Hills to the Gulf
Edited by Susan Cerulean, Janisse Ray, and Laura Newton Between Two Rivers: Stories From the Red Hills to the Gulf

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This anthology is intended to spark important conversations from Thomasville to Panacea, from Apalachicola to Aucilla, about how we might collectively guide our rapidly-growing region into a future that won't break our hearts.

In this unique volume, you will experience this land through the stories of:

  • the truly indigenous, including a titled Creek chief from Blountstown
  • an 82-year-old naturalist and worm grunter;
  • our area's premiere naturalists, including Bruce Means, Jack and Anne Rudloe and Jim Cox;
  • brilliant local writers, who will share their fierce love of this bioregion and its irreplaceable natural treasures.
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Release Date
Between Two Rivers has been released as of August 28, 2004.

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Table of Contents

Susan Anderson

Susan Cerulean, Janisse Ray, and Laura Newton

In the Presence of Grace on Bald Point
Donna Decker

Journal Entry: Sopchoppy River

Catching the Shrimp, Calling the Turtle
Anne Rudloe

What I Teach Ariel: Perspectives on Beaches
Michael Trammell

Journal Entry: Sandhill Cranes

Watery Thread through Time: The St. Marks River
Doug Alderson

Worm Grunter’s Wisdom
Saundra Gerrell Kelley

Journal Entry: Turkey Oaks

Why We Sunk Our Money into a Swamp
Anne and Jack Rudloe

The Golf Course and the Blackwater Slough
Diane Roberts

Journal Entry: Mulberries

Healing River
Faith Eidse

Aucilla River Time Machine
S. David Webb

Journal Entry: Yellow-breasted Chat

Ghosts of the Red Hills
D. Bruce Means

The Quest for Florida’s Lost Volcano
Kathleen Laufenberg

Journal Entry: Alligator Point

O Beautiful Scar: Canal Built by Slaves
Janisse Ray

Gold in the Pines
Gail Fishman

Journal Entry: Wakulla Manatee

Free for the Taking
Crystal Wakoa

The Silence of the Limpkins
Susan Cerulean

Journal Entry: Garden Pollinators

Florida’s Lost Waterfall: Cascades Park
Julie Hauserman

Growing Up alongside Tallahassee
Hope Nelson

Journal Entry: Migrating Eastern Kingbirds

A Sabbath Outing
Sharon Rauch

The City in the Trees
Mary Jane Ryals

The Monarchs of Eden
Claudia Hunter Johnson

Journal Entry: Filmy Dome Spiders

Tobacco Prayers
Monifa A. Love

Watershed Down: Lake Jackson’s Fall from Grace
Ann J. Morrow

Journal Entry: Hurricane

Big Chance. Fat Chance. Slim Chance: How Caprice Brought Us the Red Hills
Jim Cox

Hands on the Land in Havana, Florida
June Wiaz

Journal Entry: Ochlockonee Woodpeckers

A Canon of Owls
O. Victor Miller

An Old Lepidopterist
Bailey White

Journal Entry: Wintering Robins

Paradise Found Again
John M. Hall

Singing the World Back
Janisse Ray

Journal Entry: Birdsong Solstice

A Vision
Wendell Berry

Between Two Rivers features the talents of graphic designer Lou Cross III (TSG Graphic Design) and the illustrations of renowned local artist Nancy Meyer. back to top


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